Welcome to Pocketle

Pocketle is a marketplace that people and corporations can buy, sell and trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start selling on Pocketle?
There is no price to start selling items that you would like to sell or trade. We only charge 5% of products when transactions are taken place.

How do I collect payments?
Presently we accept PayPal. To start selling, you will need to have a verified account, either personal or business.

How long before I can start selling?
Once you fill your information, Pocketle quickly reviews and approves your account. Reviewing process takes will take no more than a couple of days. Should you require an express setup, please let us know.

Is there any additional hidden fees for the seller side?
No. We do not charge any fee except when transactions are taken place.

Can I have a seller page?
Yes. You can introduce your seller information via your account.

Have more questions, please contact us.

Is there a limit to how many items that I can list at Pocketle?
We do not limit the items that can be listed on Pocketle. As many as you would like!

Can I use my own logo?
Yes! All you need is to have the logo image ready to upload :)

Can we add SEO Meta Tags for search engines to increase visitors?
Yes! You can add SEO Meta Tags for search engines in every product or service page as you like via your account.

Is there any guideline for the pricing?
You decide the value. If you price low to sell and earn by volume, that is one way. If you would like to price high, then a few items might be sold depending on popularity of the goods.

which carrier can I use for shipping?
You can choose which shipping carrier you would like to use. The shipping fee is charged by the size, the dimension and the weights of the product(s) as well as the distance to the destination.