About Pocketle

Pocketle Inc. is a revolutionary technology platform that enables people and corporations to buy, sell and trade in this online marketplace. Our platform supports almost any type of business that aims to bring people together in one place to buy, sell, or trade almost any type of product or service. Secure and scalable, our solution includes the technology and support services to give both merchants and their customers a new, more rewarding way to trade and interact online.

Our Story

A girl who was attracted by the potential of internet and used internet when none of Google or Facebook were born and Apple was still small company. She has first bought a dress online that she was not able to find anywhere in her hometown from a girl who lived in another country but was originally from the same country. People adored the dress that she bought and she was amazed her discovery of the potentiality of e-commerce business. After worked in several industries and served many industries in finance, the founder of Pocketle launched the first e-commerce store. Although she was new to everything, the e-commerce has become profitable and products she carried were featured in many medias. The profit e-commerce business has enabled to afford to buy things that she couldn't afford otherwise. Not only monetary benefit but she was able to sharpen the sales and communication skills during running this business. The founder has realized what if she was able to share this experience to others who can have this wonderful experience.

In 2016, Pocketle was born. This marketplace is for everyone who wants to run the business and scale the business to global and we are all here to support your dreams come true.

Headquartered in

Kyoto City, Japan

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Pocketle Inc.

2F Daihachi Nagaya Building, 680-1 Oomandokorocho Bukkouji Kudaru Karasumadori Shimogyoku, Kyoto City, Japan. 600-8413

Phone number: 81-75-757-8275






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