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Pocketle Blog

What do I need to Start Selling on Pocketle?

  1. Products or Services that you would like to sell
  2. Photos of the products or images of the services that you would like to sell
  3. Open an account at Paypal and Have the registered email address with Paypal ready
  4. The Descriptions of your services or products

and that's it.

Let's get into more details.

1. Products or Services that you would like to sell <Tips to select what to sell online>

This could be something that you have in your house or things that you sell for your business. "New" or "Like New" are preferable for the conditions of products. Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, Antiques can be old and there are some things that have value because of how old they are. But you would like to select what to sell wisely to see if that is something that others will not feel uncomfortable. This is the best way to avoid problems. If it's a service, please make sure that this is something that you can deliver online.

2. Photos of the products or images of the services that you would like to sell <Tips for photos for marketplace>

Hiring a photographer is always a great idea if you are not confident about taking pictures or you already have been using your photos at your online store but the sales have not been great yet. When you hire a photographer, it's a better idea to check their quality of works. Some photographers work for editorials or brands or big corporations so that they know exactly how to showcase the products. Also, great photographers know how to control lighting. The lighting is one of the keys to improving the quality of pictures. If you have more budgets then, you can hire stylists or models...

But simply you can also take photos by your smartphone, camera or tablets. For the background of the products for your main pictures, you would like to have just one color. The White background is ordinary and popular. You can put the white paper behind your product when you take a picture and have some lights at it. Or you can also take pictures of products on carpets or wall. The point is that you do not have so many things behind the products.

If you are comfortable taking pictures then, you can next take pictures outside. Pick a good location where may be in the city or where have beautiful architectures or some natures. Please remember that photos can be something that you can suggest for consumers for how to use the products.

3. Open an account at Paypal

For now, Pocketle uses Paypal for any transactions. We are using Paypal because we would like you to receive funds as soon as buyers buy the products or services of yours. Without the email address that is registered with Paypal, you may not be able to receive the funds appropriately. Therefore, we are asking every seller at Pocketle to have the email address that is registered with Paypal. Opening an account at Paypal may take a few days but they have great customer support and help you by step by step.

4. The descriptions of your services or products <Tips for Product Descriptions for e-commerce>

Are you new to write a product/service description? The best way to get started is to get a magazine that introduces a similar product of yours. Editors know how to approach consumers really well. You can also find a blog or article that you think their writings might help you to sell. You can simply copy their lines of writings and change for your own. Believe or not, this does help to sell your items.

You feel like ready to start selling? > Please open a store or login to start listing your products or services for FREE!

How to do a seller registration

To register as a seller, please click here ⬅️

The method of seller registration is described here.

Please enter:

First Name

Last Name

Email address

Contact Number (Phone Number)

Country (Country): Select your country

Town / City (city): Example Kyoto

Postcode / Zip (zip code): Example 111-1111

Password: Enter the password (We recommend taking notes somewhere)

Confirm Password: Enter the same password

Your store name (store name): Enter company name or store name here.

PayPal account email (email address registered in PayPal): Enter the email address registered in PayPal here. The email address that is registered with Paypal is necessary to receive funds when goods and services are sold. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you need to open a PayPal account first.

Click on the box on the left of I'm not a robot in Recapcha (recapture) and check it.

If you click Submit (Send), seller registration is completed.

How to list your products or services

Login ➡ Vendor Portal Shipping Settings under Settings Menu ➡ Listing your products or services

When the seller registration is completed, please sign in.

① You can sign in by entering the e-mail address and Password and clicking "Sign in". When you signing in the screen, the homepage will be appeared. Please click the " Account" button at the upper right of the screen. My Account page will be displayed.

② Click the Vendor Portal in the menu on the left. The vendor page will be shown and Click the shipping settings under setttings menu on the top. Select your country where you are shipping from. There are three types of Shipping Mode (Profile Based, Basic, Weight Based), please select Profile Based. You can leave blank on Shipping message or you can enter the information about shipping. What you write here will be reflected in all of pages of your products or services.

Please describe Returns Policy. We recommend that you describe what you can assume from selling products to overseas customers. When you are finished, click Update (click the update button).

Shipping Profiles allow you to set fees based on the area that you are shipping to and the type of goods and services. Please click "Add Shipping Profile".

When Shipping Profile page is shown, please enter a type of goods and services in the box of "Enter a shipping profile name".

In the "Shipping costs by destination" section, shipping fee can be set by area that you are shipping to. The delivery area can be set for each country, or geographical regions. You can set the shipping fee for each country or geographical region. Please refer to the shipping fee schedules that are provided by delivery companies. You can learn shipping fees on the homepage of delivery companies.

After checking the fee, select the country or region and fill in the fee in the box on the right. If the price changes by the number of products that you are shipping, you can fill in box of additional Items. Click "+ Add another shipping destination" to display the next column. After filling in all shipping areas or country along with the shipping fee, click Update. Your delivery setting is now completed. Delivery settings do not need to be changed except when the delivery price changes.

③ Click on the listings manager on the left menu for listing your services or products that you are selling. After Listing Manager page is displayed, click "Listing a new item" button on the right.

1. Choose the type of product or service.

2. Register images of products and services. JPG (Jpeg) of 600px is recommended for the image. Please "or click" to select images. You can also drag and drop images to register images. Up to 5 images can be registered.

3. In "Listing details" section, please enter the name of your product or service. Please type the Unique Stock Keeping Unit (optional) if the item has a unique number. For "Description", please enter a description of the product or service. For "Price", enter the price of the item or service. If you are selling the items with sales price then, click on the box on the left of "this item is on SALE" and check it and the Original price will be displayed. Please enter the sales price to the box of "price" and enter original price.

4. SEO Meta Tags - for search engines is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to gather more visitors to the pages of your products or services.

Please note:

Meta Title is displayed as a page title in the list of search result pages.

Meta Description is displayed as a page description of the search result pages. We recommend that you fill in Meta titles and Meta description text that make potential buyers want to click to see the details.

5. Variations can be set when there is a type in products or services. If there is only one type, enter the stock number in the Stock Level and go to the next step (6). Check the box on the left of "Display variants for this product" if there is also a type in the same product or service such as color, size, and flavour. Please fill in Name, Price, SKU (Inventory Management Unit), Qty (Inventory Count). If there is no SKU, then you can leave as blank. Clicking "Add variant", a new line will be displayed, so please enter as many as the number of types for the product or services.

6. In Shipping / Delivery section, please select the shipping setting for your item. Please enter days that you need to prepare before dispatching the item. In the "Enter a message that you want to be displayed on the shipping information section for your item", please write if you need to specify things related to shipping. Please click the Publish button. Your listing registration is now completed.

You can also have Pocketle do all product/service listings for you. Please click here to buy Pocketle Optional Services.

How to register seller's information

① Login ➡ ② Register seller information

The method of registering seller's information is described here.

① You can sign in by entering the e-mail address and password and clicking "Sign in".

After logging in, the home page is shown. Please click the "Account" button in the upper right. My Account page will be displayed.

② Please click on "Info & Appearance" on the left menu. Please enter your company name and your seller name in the box under "Choose your store name".

Please describe information listed below in the box of "Description"

1. ️Company name

2. ️Manager name

3. ️Company name and brand name, introduction of the seller

4. Policy for returned goods, warranty, exchange and refund. If you need policy examples such as returned goods, warranty, exchange, and refund, please contact info@pocketle.com.

5. ️Shipping

6. gift wrapping

7. ️Q&A (Frequently Asked Questions)

By filling in these information, customers feel assured and can enjoy shopping with such a relief.

③ Logos and background images can be registered in the store branding section. When you click the picture of the human-shaped image, "Choose Image" button is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Click "Choose Image", select an image and once open it, the image will be registered and the change will be reflected. The minimum size of the logo is at least 400px x 400px.

When you click the "+" sign or background background image, a new screen is displayed. Click "Choose Image", select an image and once open it, the image will be registered and the change will be reflected. The minimum size of the logo is at least 1200px x 300px.

④ Address setting

Please type your business address.

Please select your country and fill in the rest of address including the zip code. In the box of contact number, please fill in the telephone number.

After you are done, the registration of the seller's information is completed.

<For Sellers> How to increase sales quickly - Blog service edition

This message is intending for the Pocketle sellers who has successfully registered as an seller and has started to list products or services or who has already done listing them.

All merchandise of the Pocketle selllers are advertised on web as we speak by Pocketle. However, if there is a question as "Why can not anything be done by ourselves?" by sellers, Pocketle would recommend that the sellers can write a blog as a method to increase sales in a short period of time.

There are various goods and services on the web including the products and services being sold at other companies. Many people are visiting Pocketle.com from the world, but potential buyers can only see the products and services, and the self-introduction page of the seller at this time. To inform the potential buyers about who "the sellers really are" and stand out from the cloud on the web, blogging is a tool that can solve this problem. (Posting on SNS is also recommended such as instagram.) So, we will introduce the blog service recommended to the seller who is writing a blog for the first time. In case

The four services stated above offers free so anyone can start right away and are very popular blogging service in the USA as well.

WordPress has many design templates and customization is also possible.

Bloggers have been popular from long time ago.

Tumbler is recommended for those who like art or are artists.

Sellers who may think blogging is too much can try Quora to attract potential buyers by answering the questions posted by others On Quora. In that case, please make sure to advertise your products or services as a part of comments such as where the potential buyers can buy them (eg. on Pocketle) and state the URL of your products or services on Pocketle).

What the Pocketle sellers should blog will be introduced shortly.

<For Sellers> How to increase sales quickly - Blog service edition continuedThis is the second step of how to increase sales in a short time.

Writing something is one of the forms ofexpressing oneself to others.

In the article above, we have mentioned "There are various goods and services on the web including the products and services being sold at other companies. Many people are visiting Pocketle.com from the world, but potential buyers can only see the products and services, and the self-introduction page of the seller at this time. To inform the potential buyers about who "the sellers really are" and stand out from the cloud on the web, blogging is a tool that can solve this problem. "

You can approach a lot of people who would read your blog (SNS is okay) while you don't even notice. You could use photos, videos, icons in the blogging to attract more people.

Even if you have never written a blog or posted SNS before, that is okay. You can start blogging or write SNS with self-introduction at first.

  1. In the self introduction, you can write
  2. Your name as a seller on pocketle.com
  3. What you are selling on pocketle.com,
  4. Why did you start selling (Is there any story behind it?)
  5. What you would like to write on your blog from the next time

In addition, you can insert photos and icons.

People often get attracted to the blog article titles or blog titles displayed in search engine results and then visit one's blog. (In another word, blog titles, article titles, ie titles are very important elements to attract potential customers.)

From the 2nd time you write a blog, you can write about anything that you experienced in private or workplace, helpful information, and introduce products or services sold by you by sharing photos, illustrations and videos. A blog you write may be information to someone else or you may get empathy from others who read your blog. So please do not be shy to share about... !

If you keep blogging only the propaganda article, readers may get bored. But then even if you keep writing about helpful information or what you have experienced, you may be regarded as a blogger. It is important that you mixed both types of articles to keep getting attention from readers who often turn into your customers in the future. You should inform the number of inventories regarding products and goods, sale information, and newly started services or new products. If what you sell is a service, you can introduce the projects that you have worked for your customers after the customer's approval, and in addition to that case it is good to tell what you can do for add-on or options to attract the wide range of potential customers.

What value can your business offer to customers through selling your products and services? This is not an easy question to answer, but in short you can ask yourself;

  1. whether your product or service should be used alone, or combined with other products or services to increase its appeal
  2. what kind of place or what kind of scene should your product or service be used
  3. what merit do customers get by getting the products or services
  4. How you would use the product or service if you were a buyer
  5. Compared to your competitors, or companies or sellers in your market industry, what do you think your products or services

You could also talk about brands and makers if you are carrying their products. If something you are selling is posted on the media or someone else's blog or SNS, let's write them in blog posts as well. There is no need to write a lot in an article in blog. You can write as much as you feel comfortable and make sure that you can continue writing.

Next time we will write about how to get attentions from potential customers by creating attractive title of blog and article.