'Happiness',Art Prints,Minami Japanese Artist,Oneness world,love

By Minami Poleo World From Japan

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This is a poem on 'Happiness' picture picture


If you are alive
There are various things
Sometimes it's painful
Also I want to cry
It also hurts
Unreasonable things

But I believe it
A happy event
Fun thing
Happy is better
I want to believe that it is more

In a world full of happiness we
Everyone can go
I want to believe

I am a Japanese artist, Minami
I sincerely wish that the world will be peaceful.
I pray that my thought and picture spread to the world.
There is no limit to my picture.
It has a number that increases infinitely.
I believe that you and me will connect with the universe.
I write a sign and write a number.
I hope you will send print pictures and your photos.
Thank you.
by Minami

The original picture was drawn in 2009
Technique acrylic paint / paper
Prints(The original picture is sold out)
Size 21 cm × 29.7 cm
Inch 8.2 inches × 11.6 inches
No frame