'To deeper more' Original picture japanese artist Minami

By Minami Poleo World From Japan

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This is a poem on 'To deeper more' picture

'To deeper more'
Since I knew a certain world I began to draw a picture
Because I opened the door of the back world
I decided to draw a picture to confirm the sight
It is difficult to express the world as a picture
Because the world is not a plane, color or line
There insects are sparkling shining
A small beautiful soul is singing a song of delight
I want to hug that world
I want to be with that world
And I want to continue opening the door further

I am a Japanese artist, Minami
I want to send it to only one beautiful person in the universe.
I sincerely wish that the world will be peaceful.
I pray that my thought and picture spread to the world.
I hope you will send Original picture and your photos.
Thank you.
by Minami

The original picture was drawn in 2009
Size 16.1 inch×12.2 inch
No frame
Acrylic paint /paper