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Buy an Item

When you buy on Pocketle, you're buying from an individual seller or a corporation. If you have any questions

about an item or order, please reach out to the seller.

Step 1: Add an Item to Your cart

When you find an item you want to buy, follow these steps:

  • Click Add to cart on the item listing page
  • If the item you want to buy has options to choose from -- like size, color, or shape -- you will have to select each option before you can add it to your cart

Access your cart at any time by clicking the cart icon at the top right of the homepage. From there, proceed to buy or continue shopping.

You can add multiple items from different Poketle shops to your cart.

If there's anything you need to tell the seller, you can do so in the Note to... field. Be sure to check the listing description to see if the seller requests any specific information from you.

Step 2: Add Order Details

In your cart, you can select a shipping destination, review the cost of the item, or change the quantity you'd like to buy, if the seller has more than one available.

If you are sending the item as a gift, click the box next to "Include free personalised gift message. (Max 1000 characters)" and then type the message.

Proceed to Continue when you're ready.

Step 3: Select Payment Method

Pocketle offers the following:

  • Credit Card: If you'd like to pay with a credit card, select the option showing the major credit card logos. The logos shown may vary by country.
  • PayPal: If you choose to pay through PayPal (or with a credit card through PayPal's Guest Checkout feature), you will be redirected to a secure PayPal page and then back to Poketle to confirm the order.

Step 4: Submit Your Order

You'll have a chance to review your information before submitting your order.

If needed, you can choose a different shipping address by clicking the Change link.

To complete the process, click Submit order. When paying via credit card directly on Poketle, Poketle Gift Card, or PayPal, payment is submitted at the time you place the order.

You will see a confirmation that your order is complete.


You've just bought something on Poketle. Poketle will send an email to you and the seller.

You can view your order information by going to account > Orders.

Each shipping fee will be billed by the multiple sellers.

We want you to buy with confidence anytime you buy on the Pocketle.com; that's why we guarantee and protect buyers from third-party sellers when payment is made via the Pocketle.com. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Pocketle Guarantee.

Customers who buy for products or services from an Pocketle seller via the Pocketle.com are eligible to receive up to $500 of the price, including shipping.

When you buy from Marketplace sellers on Pocketle.com, the condition of the item, its timely delivery and certain additional refund conditions are guaranteed under the Pocketle Guarantee.

You can notify Pocketle when all of the following applies:

  1. You have contacted the seller through Pocketle.
  2. You have waited two business days for a response.
  3. Your request meets one of our Pocketle Guarantee conditions below.
  • The seller failed to deliver the item by 3 calendar days past the maximum estimated delivery date or 30 days from the order date, whichever is sooner.
  • The item you received was damaged, defective, materially different, or you changed your mind and you returned it in line with Pocketle's return policy but you have not been refunded or the refunded was in the wrong amount. You must (1) contact the seller within 30 days from receipt of the item (or by the end of any extended return period, e.g. extended holiday return policy, if later) and (2) postmark the return within 14 days from arranging the return with the seller. The refund amount you are entitled to is included below.
  • What is refunded?
    Return reasonProduct costOriginal shipping costReturn shipping cost
    Item was damaged, defective, or materially differentYYY
    Any other reason (restocking fees may be deducted from the total refund)YYN
  • The seller agreed to refund or replace the item and you have not been refunded, the refund was in the wrong amount or the replacement wasn't sent.
  • You were not satisfied with the quality of the eligible services performed by the third-party seller.
  • You want to return an item internationally and the seller does not (1) provide a return address, (2) provide a pre-paid return label, or (3) offer a full refund without requesting the item be returned.
  • You have been charged extra (for example, by customs authorities for a shipment) in addition to what customers have bought and dispatch price you have paid, and the seller did not cover those costs.
  • You have waited no longer than 90 days from the Estimated Delivery Date to notify Pocketle.

To file a claim, please contact info@pocketle.com.

The following items and situations are not covered by the Pocketle Guarantee.

  • Payments for certain services (excluding specific eligible services).
  • Digital merchandise.
  • Cash or stored value instruments (except physical gift cards sold in the Gift Card category).
  • Prohibited items (including items violating the Pocketle Payments Acceptable Use policy).
  • Credit card payments where the issuing bank has initiated a chargeback.
  • Damage or loss that occurs to goods after they are delivered to a freight forwarder.

Watches, Jewelry, Collectibles, and Fine Art items must be returned according to the guidelines on about our return policies to be eligible for the Pocketle Guarantee.

When a resolution has been reached after a claim

Third-party sellers will need to contact the buyers and encourage them to write to us to revoke or cancel a pending claim. If a resolution has been reached after a claim check has already been sent, please contact us to make arrangements for repayment.

When the claim is denied

The reasons for a claim being denied include:

  • The item received was the same as described by the seller.
  • The item was received and the seller provided verification of delivery.
  • You failed to respond to a request for further information.
  • You filed a chargeback with your payment processor or bank.
  • You were unwilling to return the item to the seller.
  • Pocketle regarded the claim as inappropriate

To make an appeal for purchases made on the Pocketle.com:

Please contact at info@pocketle.com and explain your reason of appeal.


Joining and starting to sell on Pocketle is free.

To help operate the Pocketle Platform, we charge a service fee.

We charge sellers a service fee (including taxes, if applicable) every time a transaction is completed. The amount of the service fee is 5%. The service fee is calculated from the transaction subtotal (before fees and taxes) and is automatically deducted from the payout to the seller.

If you accept payments with PayPal, funds from PayPal sales on Pocketle will be deposited into your PayPal account. We encourage sellers to use a PayPal Business account and not a Personal account, as personal accounts are subject to monthly receiving limits and cannot accept payments from buyers that are funded by a credit card.

Once you fill your information, Pocketle quickly reviews and approve your accounts. Reviewing process takes will take no more than a couple of days. Should you require an express setup, please let us know.

No. We do not charge any fee except when transactions are taken place.

Yes. Please contact us in regards to customising your marketplace template.

We do not limit the items that can be listed on Pocketle. As many as you would like!

Yes! All you need to be able to do is have the image ready to upload :)

Yes! You can create as many static pages as you like via your marketplace administration website.

You decide the value. If you price low to sell and earn by volume, that is one way. If you would like to price high, then a few items might be sold depending on popularity of the goods.

You can choose which shipping carrier you would like to use. The shipping fee is charged by the size, the dimention and the weights of the product(s) as well as the distace to the destination.

No. Pocketle is a global marketplace - so it is everyone in the world. You can set the home currency for each products and services as well.

Of course!! You can set the days before shipping for every products or services that you sell once you create an account with Pocketle.

It's easy to set up an account on Pocketle. Create an Pocketle account (if you don’t already have one), set your location and currency, choose a seller name, set a shipping profile, and finally create a listing.

Refunds and Returns

Since Pocketle is a marketplace of independent individuals and Corporations, refunds, returns, and exchanges are handled differently from seller to seller.

For Buyers

In general, each seller on Pocketle chooses to adopt policies regarding returns and refunds. These policies should be displayed in each seller's store section on their store page.

If there is a problem with an order, contact the seller directly first.

For Sellers

As a seller on Pocketle, you are expected to clearly state your policies about returns and refunds in your store page. These policies need to be reasonable based on the type of the products or services and the location of shipping for their location and legally acceptable .

Please let buyers know how you, as a seller, manage and run your shop--including how you’d handle any issues or problems with a transaction.

If you do have a problem with a transaction, it’s best to contact the buyer directly via Message. Buyers are also encouraged to contact you if they experience any issues.

Issues with a Transaction

Please keep in mind that Pocketle provides the marketplace, but isn’t directly involved in transactions between individual buyers and sellers.

If you have trouble with an order and can't sort it out directly with your seller or buyer, you can directly contact Pocketle.

Please note: If a buyer does not formally contact Pocketle, Pocketle cannot get involved.


All sellers who have listed products or services with pictures are eligible to receive $5. After 30 days that the seller have listed the products or services, $5 will be sent to your Paypal account from Pocketle.

Please note the following will not be rewarded.

- any illegal listings

- listings that do not follow our policy

- listings without pictures or images of products or services

For further information, please contact at info@pocketle.com.